Author: Carol Strang

I Seek By Carol Strang

I Seek By Carol Strang I seek the Lord all my days He leads and guides, in many ways. I feel safe as he draws near to me My soul`s alive, my spirit runs free. Long to see his radiant face Spending time in the Secret Place This is where I can share, and bear my soul Learning to trust, I give him control. His presence is a sweet perfume. I sense his deep love in my room Holding me close, in his tender arms He comforts me, and I’m free from harm. I seek the Lord all my...

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Cast All Your Cares On Him By Carol Strang

Cast All Your Cares On Him By Carol Strang Today, I like to talk to you about the book of Matthew, specifically Chapter 11 verses 28-30. I’m sure many of you have read these verses over and over again, and if not you probably heard them on the radio, internet or in your church. I, myself, have even prayed over people with the words from these verses. However, when I read these three verses the other day, I noticed something I never saw before. (Yes, we never arrive from learning and growing in God’s Word.) I will be posting...

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Are You Thirsty By Carol Strang

Are You Thirsty By Carol Strang Today I would like to talk about the benefits of water in our physical world, for our bodies, and finally for our souls. The other night my daughter was watching “Catching Fire”, the second sequel from the movie Hunger Games. I noticed that they were in the virtual place near many trees. Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, went over to the tree and stabbed it with a metal vile that she received from their mentor in the movie. As soon as the metal vile made contact with the tree, a liquid starting...

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Faith Versus Fear Part 2 By Carol Strang

Faith Versus Fear Part 2 By Carol Strong I hope the last story in our first series on Fear vs Faith has helped you. This story is short; but still I wanted to share it with you. I took Spanish as a requirement in the spring semester. Unfortunately, because I was not feeling well often, and the turmoil with my dad, I wasn’t able to devote much time to my studying. The course was very in depth; it involved watching a 30-minute video, working in a text book, and working in a workbook. To say the least, the course...

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Fear Versus Faith Part 1 By Carol Strang

Fear Versus Faith Part 1 This is a very challenging year for my family and me.   I decided to write about how God is raising my faith in this season.  I am going to do a few mini writings about this topic. Do you have challenges?  Are you tired?   Are you disappointed?   Do you think nothing will ever change or get better?  Do you have financial problems?  Are you sick or someone in your family is?  Did you lose or have been laid off from your job?  Do you have a family that is broken or...

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