Author: Rebecca Matthews

God, Destroy My Enemy! Really? By Rebecca L. Matthews

God, Destroy My Enemy! Really?  Because of sin, God clothed Adam and Eve in flesh and cast them out of Eden, a place in which all their needs had been met. They were sent off to earn their keep. Flesh inherently carries an element of sin which is characterized as a separation from God. Humanity was separated from its Creator. The Lord stated during those days that His Spirit won’t always strive with man. Flesh and spirit will not always be in one accord. We struggle with these seemingly opposing elements all the time, spiritual faith versus mortal issues,...

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The Comfort of Rules Disrupts By Rebecca L Matthews

The Comfort of Rules Disrupts Human nature’s intriguing, but we’re our own worst enemy in entertaining it. We make things more difficult than need be. We crave for rules, believing peace is found within the adherence to them. They make us comfortable and give us an outline of expectations. In themselves, though, lays the division that disrupts peace. When God introduced law through Moses to the people there was direction and hope for peace. This hunger to have a set list of does and don’ts for which to follow is now confused by the blood of Christ. Jesus’s birth,...

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Fear Embraced By Rebecca L Matthews

Fear Embraced by Rebecca L Matthews A question was asked of me: Are there any good fears? Immediately, I knew the answer. Yes. My last blog was titled Fear Displaced. It discussed how fear loses its place within us when we focus on Christ, but this question deserves a response for all to read as well. Fear, in the context of this blog, is to revere. There are many benefits to living in this day and age. There are many comforts available. There are freedoms that allow us to be who we want to be and do what we...

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Fear Displaced By Rebecca L Matthews

Fear Displaced by Rebecca L Matthews  Fear. It doesn’t just cripple the moment, it taints all aspects of life. It distorts truth. What is perceived as real is far from reality. It hinders. It chains and oppresses. Fear is an entity, a life-robbing being which drapes its wrath about you, impersonating comfort until you’re comfortable in it. Fear touches the vast crevices of life so that it’s something that can’t be disregarded or discarded. It seems as though it’s imbedded and permanent, part of the very thread that makes up the fabric of who you are and the life...

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Live Life in Retreat Mode By Rebecca L. Matthews

Live Life in Retreat Mode By Rebecca L. Matthews I’m preparing to speak to a group of women at their annual Christian Women’s Retreat. Since there’s not an actual theme, I was asked to speak about whatever God puts on my heart. As I’m not a frequenter of retreats, I felt led to review the purpose and history of them to be sure I can give these women what they’ve come for. What is it I want my listeners to change or be motivated to do differently? What are they needing to walk away from this retreat with? As...

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