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The Blueprint Continues Discover Who God Is By Tom Smith

The Blueprint Continues Discover Who God Is By Tom Smith Is Jesus just a one-way ticket to heaven and Salvation, merely a means of escaping hell? If you believe that God is a tired old man with gray hair, and that his greatest desire is to take away all the fun in life, then you are deeply, sadly, mistaken. Life is all about getting to know God and experiencing life together with him. You can go to church a lifetime and never really know God. You may know all about him, without knowing him; in the same way as...

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The Blueprint Part 2: You And Your Heart By Tom Smith

Blueprint Part 2:  You And Your Heart By Tom Smith I believe that the best starting point in our search for the truth begins in our hearts. Science is trying to find the explanation on the origin of life, but has no explanation for you. The fact that you exist; that you can view the world through your own eyes and experience all that life has to offer, is nothing less than a miracle. The world has existed, for who knows how long, but you were not a part of it; until now! You do not just simply exist;...

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To Climb A Mountain By Tom Smith

To Climb A Mountain By Tom Smith I believe there is something called the Christian walk. I’m not sure what it means. To me it feels more like climbing mountains, a lot of times. That is actually the exciting part. First I have to admit that I am afraid of heights. Mountains are beautiful, but terrifying at the same time. Perhaps the most important thing you need to climb mountains, is a commitment to the endeavor that you are about to undertake. It has to be a burning passion to reach the top. You have to want it more...

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The Blueprint Part 1 By Tom Smith

The Blueprint Part 1 By Tom Smith Imagine a builder, who receives a blueprint and begins to build, but really doesn’t trust the blueprints and so he begins to add his own interpretations, instead of discussing his concerns with the architect. Once he has erred from the prints and started adding his own ideas, he will constantly have to find his own solutions to move forward, because the prints no longer support his work. God gave us a blueprint to follow in the Bible. How are you reading your prints? There was a point in my life (a long...

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Take all the Love you know and multiply it by ten by Tom Smith

It seems that we all have heard how much God loves us. Yet, it seems to be a secret that few understand. To others, hearing it again, feels like one time too much. They remember sleepy sermons, and the soreness from sitting for too long on an uncomfortable wooden bench, just wishing for it to be over.   Yet, when you discover the true meaning of God’s love, it is as with all secrets. Too precious to tuck away neatly, furthest back in the closet. At first it shocks you, and you drop it because you feel the heat....

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