Author: Tom Smith

Holy By Tom Smith

This, is a thought as beautiful and scary, as watching the world through the window in a plane. Far below you it spreads out in all its beauty.   God who is Holy, is always present in your life on your best of days and on the worst. In pleasure and pain, sickness and health, in the sunlight of the day, in the darkness of the night   God loves us all, but for God to become a part of your life, you have to accept His son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.   Jesus answered him,...

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A Hope and A Future by Tom Smith

Do you believe that God has a plan for you? A hope and a future? You have prayed, believed and talked to God. Still, everything seems to be getting worse. Your hope begins to fade. From somewhere, a feeling begins to wrap itself around your heart, like a python slowly choking its victim to death. “Does God really have a plan for you?“ it whispers. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? So similar to the serpent that lied to Eve. Remember when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt? Then God sent Moses to tell pharaoh to let his people go. Pharaoh...

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Hero by Tom Smith

Growing up I often heard the story about an older man, with a weak mind. The only transportation he had was a bicycle. One day he lost his balance and fell into the ditch with the bicycle on top of him. Instead of cursing, he just said “Praise God.”   I don’t know how the story was meant to be understood, simply as a joke, or as an illustration of what we should strive for. And even if it was something to strive for, it was still a little over the top. Nobody in their right mind will praise...

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Ocean of Love by Tom Smith

  God’s Love is the foundation of life. A foundation and a secret, that should not be a secret, but it is. Few seem to find it. It is the mother lode of all treasures. Whatever you do in life, if you discover God’s love it will change you.   God’s love is endless and deeper than the ocean. There is no end to it. Each one of us is like Robinson Crusoe, alone on a deserted island. We are surrounded by the emerald waters of God’s Love. We gaze out across the open water that stretch out into...

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Communion with God by Tom Smith

  Have you ever met someone that tells you the same thing over and over every time you see them? Are you looking forward to hearing the same story again? Probably not.   What about my prayers. Somehow the story Jesus told about the widow that came to the judge complaining about her situation until the judge finally could not take it anymore and saw to it that justice was done, has stuck on me.   Do I really need to tell God the same thing over and over? Does God need reminding? Is it possible that his memory...

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