Blueprint Part 2:  You And Your Heart By Tom Smith

I believe that the best starting point in our search for the truth begins in our hearts. Science is trying to find the explanation on the origin of life, but has no explanation for you. The fact that you exist; that you can view the world through your own eyes and experience all that life has to offer, is nothing less than a miracle.

The world has existed, for who knows how long, but you were not a part of it; until now! You do not just simply exist; you are alive. In all of history, there has been no one like you. Your finger prints are unique. What would the earth, moon and stars be worth, unless you had been born? Absolutely nothing! The world was created for you to enjoy. Unless you were here, everything else would be meaningless. You would never have experienced a sunrise, or heard leaves rustle in the wind. Never known the joy of breathing fresh air after a spring rain, or known the taste of a kiss.

The wonder of life seems to get lost in the scientific search of how life was created. Yes, trees, grass and fruits have a certain kind of life. A seed sprouts and they begin to grow, but they are not aware that they exist; they simply do. Animals have a different kind of life. They are aware of the world around them. A dog can be a better friend than a man. Yet animals are not capable of reasoning the same way as you and me. Animals, as much as we love them, simply do not invent machines, read books, bake pizzas or venture off into space.

What about you is it that makes you, you? Who are you really? When your friends see you, they know that it’s you because they recognize you. But you are so much more than a face and a body. There is something inside of you that nobody can see. The real you! What is the real you? Yes, your brain can reason and solve complicated problems, but why is it that we can know something with our intellect, yet our hearts disagree. We have dreams and desires that seem to rise from a much deeper source than our ability to add two plus two. This is the real you. So hidden, that we don’t even know ourselves what hides in the deepest shadows of our hearts.

Whether you agree or not, you can’t be explained scientifically.

Consider the world in which you live.

When you look at the stars scattered across the sky at night, you realize just how small you are. In relation to the universe you are too small to pinpoint, still here you are. The universe is far more complicated than a Swiss watch in how everything moves according to its determined path. Is it all the result of a freak accident 13.7 billion years ago? Or is it the handiwork of God? The decision is yours! What is your verdict?

Do mountains, oceans or prairies take your breath away? Nature is filled with beauty and majesty all around us. Men become famous for attempting to capture the world on a canvas. Long after their death, the paintings hang on walls in museums around the world. Still, no artist ever lived who truly could capture the world as beautiful as it truly is. In the end, they are all cheap imitations.

Consider a little boy in the sandbox, surrounded by trucks, tractors and backhoes. As far as he is concerned, girls are no less of an irritation than the mosquitoes buzzing around him. Give him a few years and he will discover the daughters of Eve and his life will never again be the same. Nothing that man has created holds as much power as the relationship created between a man and a woman. Through their love for each other, life is created. Many new parents have felt the breeze of an eternal world, as they hold this new life in their hands, sensing that a miracle just took place.

What about death? What does your heart tell you? Does your heart tell you that your loved ones are forever gone into the darkness of the grave, as you mourn the loss? Your mind may believe that it is so, because some professor or scientist has explained how life is blown out like a candle, forever gone. Tell that to your heart and it will scream so loud that it seems to shatter the universe, as it holds out hope that it is not over. Listen to your heart, because it is in these moments that your heart can feel what you can’t see; Eternity!

Proof in the Bible

I believe that the Bible contains evidence supporting what it claims; that God created the heavens and the earth and that Jesus came to die for our sins, and that he did indeed rise from the grave after three days. The evidence may not be immediately evident for the casual reader, but as you continue in your studies, guided by the Holy Spirit, you will enter into the living word of God, as he reveals his word and it begins to grow in your heart. Denying the life, death and resurrection of Jesus becomes a dead end, where the only way out is choosing to believe what the Bible actually claims.

Let me just give you a quick example. Peter, John, James and the other disciples that spent much time together with Jesus for a few years were quite ordinary men. After Jesus was crucified, they were terrified. They hid themselves in a house in fear of the Jewish leaders. After all that Jesus had taught them, it seems that there was a lot they had not understood. Christianity would have been buried in the grave together with Jesus, if he had remained there. These were not men who were willing to die for a cause greater than themselves. So what happened?

The only reasonable explanation to the change that we see in the disciples is that they met the resurrected Jesus, just as the Bible says. Something big happened that completely changed them. These men, who feared for their lives and went into hiding, came out braver than ever before. They went out and preached the Good News of Jesus Christ, ultimately paying the price with their own lives. Only men and women who believe in something with all of their heart are willing to lay down their lives. Twelve country boys helped to change the world after they met the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Jesus came into a world that placed little value on women, children and the poor. Jesus considered women equally important to men. He became angry when people turned away children from seeing him and he had compassion for the poor and healed them from their sicknesses. He offered hope to a desperate world as he invited everyone to receive God’s Kingdom in their hearts. He came to give the tired, weary, sick and poor a hope. The message of Jesus Christ has changed the world far more than any other man who ever lived.

The existence of evil

You’re absolutely right; the world is full of evil as well. If God was real, the world would only be good, right? Actually, the evil that we see in the world only reinforces what the Bible says. The world is a contrast between the forces of good and evil, and you can see the battle taking place in hearts of men and women all over the world.

Paul wrote to Timothy about the deceitfulness of money:
1 Timothy 6:10 (The Living Bible)

For the love of money is the first step toward all kinds of sin. Some people have even turned away from God because of their love for it, and as a result have pierced themselves with many sorrows.

Here Paul really sums up the problem that we experience in our world. The world is exploited to gain its riches. The air and water is being polluted. People are driven off of their land, so that someone can make a profit. People are bought and sold as slaves. Others are cheated out of their wages. We live in a society where empathy for the poor and sick seems to decrease as we strive to survive in a cold and brutal world.

Paul writes to the Corinthians:
2 Corinthians 4:3-4

If the Good News we preach is hidden to anyone, it is hidden from the one who is on the road to eternal death.  Satan, who is the god of this evil world, has made him blind, unable to see the glorious light of the Gospel that is shining upon him or to understand the amazing message we preach about the glory of Christ, who is God.

God created the world and gave it to us for free. The air we breathe and the clouds across a blue summer sky are free for us to enjoy. The best things in life really are free, but somehow we seem to take them for granted. What price can you put on the air you breathe? True love? Life? They are absolutely priceless. Yet we fight and kill for things without lasting value. We are blinded by an illusion of false happiness through worldly riches and pleasures. Behind these things hide the emptiness that awaits us in a life without God. True joy and fulfillment can only be experienced in a life together with God.

It’s personal

The Bible is full of riches, true riches that can only be found through accepting and believing in Jesus Christ and seeking him above all else.

I do not recommend searching for proof online or through books on the authenticity of the Bible and Jesus Christ, in establishing your own faith. Yes, there is much proof, but there are also many who are out to disprove the Bible. How can you tell who is telling the truth?

I watched a documentary on man’s expedition to the moon. The purpose of the documentary was to disprove that man has ever been on the moon, but that it was all a great hoax. It was very believable and after the program I found myself questioning who was right. The same goes with the Bible and unless you have a deep conviction about the truth, through a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, it can become very confusing to sort through the ocean of information about the Bible, for and against.

To believe in Jesus is to know him personally. No amount of proof presented can substitute for knowing him intimately in your heart.

To be continued….