The Comfort of Rules Disrupts

Human nature’s intriguing, but we’re our own worst enemy in entertaining it. We make things more difficult than need be. We crave for rules, believing peace is found within the adherence to them. They make us comfortable and give us an outline of expectations. In themselves, though, lays the division that disrupts peace.

When God introduced law through Moses to the people there was direction and hope for peace. This hunger to have a set list of does and don’ts for which to follow is now confused by the blood of Christ. Jesus’s birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection were purposed to free us from law and yet we hunger all the more for it, so much so that we’ve taken the freedom of His act of forgiveness and created rules to be followed even more than the original Ten Commandments covenanted. We’ve turned the Holy Bible’s New Testament into another book of laws. Christ declared a new covenant of love and forgiveness. He altered the continuum of perceived reality by sending a helper, His Holy Spirit, the living Spirit of God, to indwell His people and fulfill the law. This indwelling of the mighty Spirit of God into our earthly being turns these earthen vessels into jars of living water able to be fed by and led by the living Word who is Christ.

By spreading His people all over the land and then filling them with His Spirit, God effectively has made Himself present and moving here on earth. He’s able to reach deep into destruction, touching those in need, filling with peace tormented populations, and transforming His nation by transforming His children from the inside out. Rules that were meant to bring peace really only brought division. Christ’s sacrifice has secured a freedom from law which does, ironically, impart true peace. However, the route is the opposite of what our human nature craves. It comes through faith in and relationship with Christ, rather than human effort and work.

Our continued human need to follow rules can’t in any way disrupt God’s ultimate plan, however, it does disrupt our ability to experience His true love, peace, and joy. Peace, joy, and unconditional love are qualities only found in God. In order for us to experience them, truly experience them, we must seek for Him to fill us to overflowing. We must become one with Him. This happens when we focus on Him, grow in a relationship with Him, fall in love with Him, it happens when he fills us and we are born again. Once we’ve become so close to our Lord that we hunger for Him, we easily accept His guidance and will for our lives. We trustingly follow where He leads. This obedience doesn’t happen by studying a list of does and don’ts and working hard to apply them. Failure is the only result when we strive in our human nature to achieve that which are simply traits of Christ.

“Ye must be born again,” isn’t a command to apply. No one can make themselves born again, it’s a fact. “If you love me you will obey my commands,” isn’t a call to work harder to follow rules, it’s a fact. “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom,” is not a challenge to strive to prove that you understand God’s ways. It’ll naturally be seen when Christ is truly living within someone.

When we are indwelled with the Holy Spirit we become a vessel for His purposes. We can’t be any closer to God than that, filled with a Creator who has all wisdom and unfettered love. When we spend our days in communion with Him, quiet and growing in intimacy, He is then present through us. We will be born again, we will obey His commands simply because we love Him, and it will be obvious by the deeds we do in our lives…the deeds He does through our lives.

Our human nature craves rules. We can’t in our earthly minds understand that the truth is the opposite of what is naturally seen. We study, seeking wisdom and direction, rather than seeking that wisdom from the very Creator Himself. In the process, we’ve turned back to law for comfort and direction, rather than faith. Christ said, “It is finished.” Satan’s power is no longer of issue. He may be able to confuse and frustrate us, but he has no authority. The children of God should not be hindered by expectations, by feeling like they must exude an image of Christianity. The very rules we seek to fulfill have become our stumbling blocks, because we can’t, in our own power, succeed in honoring them.

By inviting Him in and living focused on Christ, keeping our unique and individual relationship with Him, first and foremost, at the very center of who we are, we will succeed in obeying His commands because He, the Spirit living within and through us, can do nothing more than fulfill His own commands.

Give Him full rein and authority in your life. Stop striving, studying, and applying. Talk to Jesus, get to know Him. You’ll fall in love with Him and invite Him in to be your Lord and Savior. Being indwelled, born again, is an act of God, not of human effort. God draws us to His Son, the Son fills those of us who ask with the Holy Spirit which, in turn, unites us with our Father. Outside of our faith, it’s a circle that’s complete only by the efforts of God. The blessings received by this deeply intimate and personal relationship far exceed any human needs. Perception changes as we become deeply involved in the heavenly realm here on earth, tied to the pulse of eternity and God’s everlasting love.

From One Filled By God Only,
Rebecca L Matthews