Fear Versus Faith Part 1

This is a very challenging year for my family and me.   I decided to write about how God is raising my faith in this season.  I am going to do a few mini writings about this topic.

Do you have challenges?  Are you tired?   Are you disappointed?   Do you think nothing will ever change or get better?  Do you have financial problems?  Are you sick or someone in your family is?  Did you lose or have been laid off from your job?  Do you have a family that is broken or severed ties with you?  Is your marriage on shaky ground?  Is your child going down a wrong path?

Whatever you are going through; this too shall pass.  God loves you all very much.  He has plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.   God wants you to achieve things, and excel in things.  He wants you to be all you can be.  He doesn’t want you to settle, and more importantly he doesn’t want you to give up.  He wants MORE for you, MORE for your family, MORE for your church, MORE in every area of your life!

The first thing that many of us even, me sometimes; find challenging or difficult to do is to change our thinking.   We can’t see the forest through the trees.  We only see this huge mountain or huge obstacle.  We only see with our natural eyes and don’t see what God has for us, and cannot understand what God is doing.  Some of us even doubt if God is there at all.   Some of us are stuck in the past; making excuses and jeopardizing our future.  We must do as Jesus said and put our head to the plow and move forward.  We can’t turn back like Lot’s wife did, and then was turned into a pillar of salt.

We must surrender our cares, our trials, our questions, and concerns to the Lord.  We must TRUST him with everything.  We mustn’t’ doubt, live in fear, or worry.   We must believe that God is doing something, and he has a purpose for what we are going through.  I heard a very good friend, and pastor recently say that we experience trials and storms because God wants to test us in a certain area; or he wants to propel us and take us from one level of glory to another.   He referred to Jesus, while the disciples were in a rough storm. Jesus was not afraid; he was sleeping in a boat.

My dad recently passed away; he went very quickly.   My sister and my mom thought he was going to die.  However, I kept on praying for God to heal him.  I was trusting God till the end.   I wasn’t listening to what my sister or the doctor said.  I knew God was the divine healer and he could heal my dad.   This is the faith I’m talking about; when everyone is saying no, or speaking death, around you.  You need to speak LIFE and speak prosperity and God’s blessings over you.  Be in a state of expectation.  With God, all things are Possible.   Ask God to help you see spiritually, ask God to speak to you or show you something.  Ask God for his divine wisdom, guidance, and direction.  Ask God to give you the strength to carry on.

This pastor also said God doesn’t always deliver you from the storm; he delivers you while you are in the storm.   If God does deliver us in the storm; we will have a testimony. We will be stronger than before.  Many times, God will open other doors if we wait on him during our storms.  That is why, it is so important to be in the WORD and to be led by his Holy Spirit.  Our flesh and our nature is to see things in the natural, to worry, to be fearful.  If we are led by his Holy Spirit, we will have peace and joy, during any trial or storm we are in.

One story in the bible comes to mind when I think about how us as humans don’t see what is coming ahead.  The story is in 1st Kings 18:41-46;

And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain.” Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees.   “Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked.  “There is nothing there,” he said.  Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.”   The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.”  Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.’”   Meanwhile, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain started falling and Ahab rode off to Jezreel.  The power of the Lord came on Elijah and, tucking his cloak into his belt, he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel.

I pray that this first article of this series will touch you; and encourage you to Walk by Faith and not by Sight.

Until next time enjoy the Journey.

 Carol Strang

Carol is a devoted woman of God, wife and mother.  She has been professionally writing for six years now.  She believes in the power of prayer and knows the importance of being connected to our heavenly Father.   She presently oversees a prayer Facebook group.  In addition, she devotes time to mentor and pray for several of her Sisters in Christ.   Carol also has created a You-tube video series entitled “Living a Victorious Life”, which is designed to help and free young teenage girls and women who are facing anxiety, fear, doubt and shame.  She inspires them through God’s Word and testimony to take hold of their true identity in Jesus.

This year she will soon launch her first eBook and has also started creating inspirational gifts.  You will find her e-book, videos, and inspirational gifts on a upcoming website soon.