What if I told you that you could build a kingdom for $10.00, would you be interested? I mean think about it, for the whopping price of two fast food sandwiches, or maybe an interstellar coffee, you could actually lay the foundation of a kingdom that will never go away. Would you do it?

Nickson Terer is an itinerant Pastor from Kericho, Kenya who runs a government sanctioned, and licensed ministry called “Outreach Ministries of Kenya” He has been diligently serving the Lord in this capacity since 1995, and has become a close friend, and brother in the struggle for reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ.

A simple $10.00 donation would cover the cost of 1 King James Version Bible in Kenya, and would allow the newly planted Church in Fortenan, Kenya to be well established in Scripture for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Would you be willing to redirect a onetime gift of $10.00 to the Bibles for Fortenan Charge? You will not be contacted by any ministry, including this one, seeking to encourage you to continue you’re your generosity.

Your gift will go straight into the mission work, WITHOUT any corruption or salaries paid from it. So we hope you’ll play a part in laying the foundations of a kingdom that will last through eternity. A kingdom built by relationship, for relationship. Be blessed