Growing up I often heard the story about an older man, with a weak mind. The only transportation he had was a bicycle. One day he lost his balance and fell into the ditch with the bicycle on top of him. Instead of cursing, he just said “Praise God.”


I don’t know how the story was meant to be understood, simply as a joke, or as an illustration of what we should strive for. And even if it was something to strive for, it was still a little over the top. Nobody in their right mind will praise God, when everything goes wrong, but this story has stuck in my mind over the years.


My perception of the old gentleman has changed also. He has grown to become one of my heroes. Maybe he was not capable of driving a car, but he was full of wisdom and knowledge from God. He knew the secret of true happiness: “Rejoice in the Lord always.”


It sounds too radical, and just plain crazy, but this is exactly the kind of people that puts a smile on God face. This old man has become my hero. I want to be like him. It is nothing I am capable of on my own, only by allowing God to fill me daily with His Holy Spirit, and grow in my understanding and love for Him will I be able to stand in the middle of the storm, praising God.


What about you? Do you want to make God smile? Trust Him, love Him. Rejoice!


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. –Psalm 37:4