I Seek By Carol Strang

I seek the Lord all my days
He leads and guides, in many ways.
I feel safe as he draws near to me
My soul`s alive, my spirit runs free.

Long to see his radiant face
Spending time in the Secret Place
This is where I can share, and bear my soul
Learning to trust, I give him control.

His presence is a sweet perfume.
I sense his deep love in my room
Holding me close, in his tender arms
He comforts me, and I’m free from harm.

I seek the Lord all my days.

© Carol Ann Strang. 07/05/2016

Carol is a devoted woman of God, wife and mother.  She has been professionally writing for six years now.  She believes in the power of prayer and knows the importance of being connected to our heavenly Father.   She presently oversees a prayer Facebook group.  In addition, she devotes time to mentor and pray for several of her Sisters in Christ.   Carol also has created a You-tube video series entitled “Living a Victorious Life”, which is designed to help and free young teenage girls and women who are facing anxiety, fear, doubt and shame.  She inspires them through God’s Word and testimony to take hold of their true identity in Jesus.

This year she will soon launch her first eBook and has also started creating inspirational gifts.  You will find her e-book, videos, and inspirational gifts on a upcoming website soon.