Ladies, You Are Valuable By Rebecca L Matthews

I’m a woman who relies on Christ for everything. I am nothing without Him. He’s the Answer to any question or problem I have. He is the Rock on which I stand, and I trust Him completely. My mission is simple: to remain focused on Him. In so doing, He fills me, and His qualities of joy, hope, peace, and love comfort me, and there is no greater blessing possible. I intend to encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to any and all who will listen so that many more will be filled to overflowing with His Spirit and humbly yet powerfully become beacons of light.

This week, among other things of import, we celebrate International Women’s Day, Harriet Tubman Day, and National Women’s History Month. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is to #BeBoldForChange which certainly described Harriet Tubman who helped to free many slaves in her day. The theme for National Women’s History Month in 2017 is “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business”. Reading through the Honorees found at the website of the National Women’s History Project ( it comes to mind how many opportunities God creates for us to excel as these women have, not only for ourselves but for the good of others. No matter our backgrounds or perceived limitations, when He is guiding us, God’s plans will be successful.

God is powerful. When we’re focused on Him and keenly sense His direction, we have the understanding of value and endeavor to demand it for others who God has also created. This is why we challenge one another for better, boldly rise up for change that is good, and share in one another’s struggles. When Christ is at the center of such acts, we are able to be fearless in pursuit of His will so that many can experience joy and peace.

Love is and should be the driving force for such action, God’s love. His is a love that seeks to encourage and humbly support yet passionately advocates for freedom. Harriet Tubman stated that she could’ve freed many more slaves if they’d only known they were enslaved. Not everyone who is struggling is aware there’s such a thing as freedom or that they’re even lacking it. My prayer is that many seek God, get to know Him, and effectively remove Satan’s ability to impose fear in their lives.

God reaches each of us in His time. It’s a circle really. We’re drawn to Christ by God who in turn brings us closer to God, filling us with His Holy Spirit in the process so that we can be directly impacted by His love every day. When we’re loved to the degree that God loves, we are complete, and we’re not afraid of conditions that may restrain us from action. When He leads us to take steps, these steps can be taken boldly. In this, He has the ability to move us, shake us, change us, from us individually to us corporately. One light shining spreads to many, creating movement that is brilliant and bold.

Let me prod you to change, ladies. Let me prod you to focus on Christ, first and foremost, and be changed from the inside out. Take time to become filled with Him, filled with love for and from Him, to trust Him. When you’re filled to overflowing, He will emanate through you, and you won’t be afraid to act when He prods for you to move mountains, whether that mountain is found in your home or a school, a relationship or an addiction. God may intend for you to be the strength and support of your family or be the creator of a corporation that employees many. He may have you giving care to those in your small sphere of influence or speaking encouragement to people in far off lands. Wherever it is that He guides, seek His will, and be obedient when He calls. Not one role is any more precious than another. You are valuable wherever He has you positioned! Remember, with Christ at your center, you can #BeBoldForChange.

Being Bold For Christ,
Rebecca L Matthews

Rebecca L. Matthews is a Christian novelist and children’s author. She writes
realistic fiction that highlights the value of a personal relationship with Christ.
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