Lawless Love By Alf Collins

It is human nature to conclude that someone should be rewarded with something based on their performance. If they do well, they are rewarded well. If they do poorly, they are rewarded poorly. This humanistic merit and credit system is designed to prosper the smart, the tall, the strong, the fast, and so on. This system is an exclusive one that grants entrance only to those whose works have earned them favor with men.

From the day we’re born we’re conditioned into this system. We’re raised to believe that in order for us to be successful, happy, and prosperous, we have to be number one. We must dominate others and suppress the weak, to favor those who earn favor and love those who deserved love, to rule from the top of the pile.

Some go twenty or thirty years like this, other longer, maybe up to fifty or sixty years. Then something miraculous happens –they encounter Jesus. In one moment in time they realize that after all their years of striving to earn and to deserve, there is something greater than a world of merits and credits. They realize there is a love and acceptance that surpasses all boundaries. An all-inclusive love.

This love does not depend on how smart you are, or how tall and strong you are, or how fast or rich you are. It is a love that does not depend on works. In this moment striving ceases. All efforts to gain success, happiness, and prosperity is lost in the moment and surrendered to the cross.

It is in this moment that God’s lawless love washes a multitude of sins. We know that even while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and we know that it is the love of God that draws men to repentance. It is in this love that we throw ourselves onto His mercy, His goodness and His kindness. This is the moment in time when a lost soul is born into the Kingdom of God.

Washed in God’s Lawless love,
Alf Collins

Alf Collins is a 41 year old male from sunny South Africa living about 45 KM’s from Durban, KwaZulu Natal. He is an aspiring writer in many fields, and a digital artist in learning. His calling is to feed God’s sheep by teaching and preaching the Word through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.