Captured By Sacred Love





To become a follower of Jesus Christ is the ultimate adventure. Discover what happens when you take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the Bible, believing in what it really says.

In Captured by Sacred Love, Tom Smith begins a journey that pulls him out of a lukewarm Christian life that seems to be a collection of chaotic events, as fifty years race by like a raging river. He discovers that someone has been directing his life all along, when he is tossed spinning into a love so blinding and bright that it shocks him. As the story unfolds, God’s love begins to burn hotter and brighter, when a life of problems and worries moves away from center stage, and he welcomes a loving God with open arms.

The reader is invited to become part of the greatest story ever told: the story of an exciting and loving God that is waiting for you to discover him. Experience living in the Promised Land through an awesome personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

294 pages

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