The Light Within


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The Light Within by Rebecca L. Matthews

Love, betrayal, hope, and tragedy will unite this broken family.

Judy has been a bitter, angry person for years. Her constant yelling has affected her children’s attitudes and pushed her husband away. But all that changes one night, when she finds herself on a deserted road being touched by God. This moment begins a transformation that will affect everyone around her.

Judy struggles at first to let go of her old ways, but as she learns to let go and allows God to guide her, she finds that life changes for the better. She becomes calm and peaceful as she places God first and foremost at the center of her life. Her children notice the change and how differently they are treated, and their attitudes begin to transform as well. But Judy’s husband, Rich, continues keeping his distance. When he finally reveals why, the whole family is affected, and their marriage comes to an end.

Judy tries to move on, and Rich does too, but both feel guilty for their part in the downfall of the marriage. Rich desires the peace that Judy has, but he can’t seem to escape what he has done. Meanwhile, their daughter is dealing with her own new struggles at school, where conflict abounds.

When a horrible accident occurs, everyone in the family will be put to the test.

Experience the transformation with this family as they discover The Light Within and find peace in the midst of chaos.

Download PDF Sample Chapter here -> The Light Within Free Sample Chapter

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