The Hardworking Woman By Rebecca L Matthews

As women, we take our roles in this life very seriously. Whether we be wife, mother, business owner, homemaker, employee, care giver, or multiples of these, we feel pressure to do our jobs and do them right. For many of us, this means being overwhelmed. With such a busy lifestyle, a missed deadline, lost permission slip, forgotten appointment, or even burned dinner can trigger us to tears, often accompanied by a lost temper.

Though we may come across as easily irritated, moody, or controlling to those closest to us, we’re actually being sensitive to our responsibilities. In addition to the pressures we put on ourselves, knowing that our loved ones view us and our reactions negatively can hurt. Sometimes it appears as though the more responsibilities we accept and the more inundated we feel, the less supported we are in our own home. It’s frustrating. Being a hardworking woman can be a wicked cycle that, once begun, is hard to stop.

The very things that initially bring us pride, prodding us to do more (achievements at work, active children, a clean house, a reliant spouse), develop into part of a stressful and unhealthy equation. We become so entrenched in our strong desire to help, to accomplish, to be in control, to be effective, that we fail to see that we’re now missing God’s strength and direction. His joy and peace are elusive. It’s as if we passed by Him somewhere along the way and are floundering on our own.


Step outside the whirling circle. Get quiet and just breath, in and out. Close your eyes and empty your mind of its busyness for a moment and allow God to flood in. Pray. Though this sounds simple, it’s incredibly powerful. Pray, not in request but in communion. Have quiet, deep, heartfelt conversation with your Lord. Feel the moment. Absorb the light within as His Spirit connects you to His peace once more.

Inhale, exhale.

As rejuvenation takes root, allow God’s influence to readjust your mindset. Our role is, after all, to simply be a child of the Father. Whenever you feel life’s challenges threaten to overwhelm, return to this most basic place. Just be in His presence. This can be done anywhere that you are, because Christ is within you. He is present.


Once your focus returns to God, His guidance, if any is needed, will be sensed. Consider whether His will is to find a balance that is healthier for your life, prompting a reduction in responsibility. Perhaps He would encourage nothing more than to have your focus and attention more frequently throughout the day so that you become able to perform the duties He’s brought to you with joy and contentment rather than frustration.

It’s okay to live a quieter life if that’s God’s will. It’s acceptable to find a balance that leaves room to breathe. It’s enjoyable to accomplish our responsibilities with a smile and comfort within. Seek God. Focus on Christ. Do everything you do with Him consciously at your center. Let Him move you, guide you, fill you, and excite you. When you focus on Him, you become a beacon of His light and then He is represented in the roles you hold in this life.

Shine bright, hardworking woman. Shine bright.

Rebecca L Matthews

Rebecca L. Matthews is a Christian novelist and children’s author. She writes realistic fiction that highlights the value of a personal relationship with Christ.  Her three novels and the children’s books can be reviewed and purchased here at