To Climb A Mountain By Tom Smith

I believe there is something called the Christian walk. I’m not sure
what it means. To me it feels more like climbing mountains, a lot of times.
That is actually the exciting part. First I have to admit that I am afraid
of heights. Mountains are beautiful, but terrifying at the same time.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to climb mountains, is a
commitment to the endeavor that you are about to undertake. It has to be a
burning passion to reach the top. You have to want it more than anything

I believe, that if I am not prepared for mountains on my Christian
walk, it could be a short walk. My mind has to be made up that no matter
what difficulty comes my way, I will press on. When the wind blows, and the
rain hits me straight in my face, and I feel my feet slipping on the bare
rocks, wishful thinking will not be enough. Those are the times when my
mind has to be set on reaching the top, regardless of anything else.

How is it possible to have the determination to keep climbing? For me,
it is those moments when I reach a place where I can rest and watch out
across the beautiful land that surrounds me. Sometimes the scenery is so
breathtaking that I gasp for air. To experience God’s love so intensely
that I am sure that I must be the only one who saw the beautiful meadow
hidden inside the forest. These moments are like small promises of what it
will be like when I reach the top.

I think that one of the strongest testimonies to the reality of what
the Bible teaches, is that no matter what life looks like, a follower of
Jesus Christ keeps climbing. Obviously there must be something driving us
to pursue what seems impossible: To reach the top. To reach eternity, where
God welcomes us home. The fact that it is not just days of sunshine and ice
cream that makes us love Him so much, but that we even love Him in the
storm, should be a testimony to that we have found something that is more
than life itself.

Back to my fear of heights. I would never attempt climbing the
mountains of life without Jesus. He is the rope (hope) that I hold onto. So
when I watch down and see the cold hard rocks milesĀ  below me, I know that
I am safe, because I hold onto the rope.

I know that I will never reach the top in this life, but the scenery
can be oh so beautiful on the way. The day that I actually will reach the
top, is the day I stop breathing in this world. I just hold onto the rope,
and Jesus will pull me home.

One day I will stand on top of the mountain together with Jesus. What
a view that will be!