Mary and I had a wonderful time interviewing our guest Derek Charles Johnson. He had a wonderful story behind how God called him into being a worship leader. We went over his background on his move to Tennessee, how he felt he was called by God for that move. How he went from the Secular work of being a pharmacist to transforming more and more into his ministry as a worship leader. We went over his favorite scriptures and how they inspire him and keep him moving toward his new life.

We talked about how he has a very supportive family being his wife and he has 4 sons. We talked about all the stories behind his songs and music, which were amazing to hear. How he was inspired to write the songs on his heart. On a personal note I love his work and I listen to his album a lot on my smart phone.

The four songs we covered for this interview were:

1) Carry On
2) You Are Good
3) Makes Me Wanna Sing
4) The Solid Rock *Reimagined
5) King of Glory

I would sincerely say you should catch this interview. It’s an interview of inspiration, great testimony and callings. I really had a wonderful time interviewing Derek. I feel this will bless you and your family, friends and social network. Please pass it forward to everyone you know. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment.

You can contact Derek at his main website which is,

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

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