Mary and I had a wonderful time with our guest Bridgette Hammers. Bridgette has been on our show one other time back in summer of 2017. This time we got to hear about what has been happening in her life and all the great things God has been doing for her. We also got a new song that we heard from her called “Never Unaware”.

The interview was wonderfully candid and honest and it was really nice to have Bridgette back on to update on what she was up to. We got to find out how she started writing songs for her craft and how she moved to Christian songs. We got to find out about her and he publishing friend Deborah Wolf and how God created a divine moment for her. There is a lot of great stuff revealed in this interview.

Her musical arrangements have a wonderful atmospheric feeling to them added with a wonderful message about God and Jesus. Songs are wonderfully recorded and produced and her new sound is even better. Her styles move from atmospheric to a pop fun sound. Bridgette has a wonderfully powerful song. I feel the Christian world needs her expression, she has a wonderful and beautiful expression.

A lot of her Christian songs are on the Worship Cafe radio station stream. The songs we went over on the show are listed below, and yes her albums are on my iPhone.

1. Never Unaware
2. Purify My Heart
3. One Thing Remains
4. Breaking Free
5. We Arise

I feel this testimonial will bless you, it’s a good account about how God can do amazing things in your life. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment, also share it with everyone you know, family, co-workers, friends, and pass it forward on your social media networks such as twitter, and facebook.

You can contact to Bridgette at the link below, and all social media connections are there also. Please go by and say hello to her

Main Website:

https://bridgettehammers dot com

All her social media is there also.

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

Hosts: Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend

Show: Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Show