Mary and I had a wonderful time with our special guest Eddie B. His story was inspiring how God used him and called him into prison ministry’s. Eddie has been blessed with playing over 212 days (7 to 8 months in a year, Churches and Prison’s). He encourages, inspires and helps to bring prisoner’s back to God.

Musically God has blessed Eddie B with about 40 CD’s. Eddie B’s sound is rock (and he does rock) and I have to admit one of the songs that I really fell in love with is called “Grip of His Grace”, when I first heard it, I contacted Eddie and booked him for a interview. “Grip of His Grace” has really inspired me and I listen to this song all the time. Eddie is very honest and transparent in this interview and he gives details to his songs and how God had inspired them. His stories are very Inspiring and touching about how God worked through his songs.

We interviewed and talked about 5 of Eddie’s songs:

1) Grip of His Grace
2) Hello Goodbye
3) Jewels
4) Mercy for My Apology
5) Overflow

You can read more about him or contact him direct from the website listed below:

We hope this interview blesses everyone, I personally think it will, if you have the time please check it out and share with all your family, friends, and social media outlets.

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

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