Mary and I had a blessing and wonderful time with our guest Eddy Mann. I love Eddy’s playing he is a very expressive and emotional player. His songs and messages are crafted beautifully. He has such a transparent personality and is very open about his walk with God and telling of his inspirations. This show showcases his Christmas songs.

I love how Eddy crafts his songs, very Done and suggest thing is how you just feel the flow of his expression and phrasing in his melodic work. This is Eddy’s their time on the “Worship Cafe Radio Show” and we love having him on the program. Looking forward to next year and see what Eddy is up to, he might have a release or two 🙂

We covered 7 songs from Eddy and they are listed below:

  1. Rejoice (O Come Emmanuel)
  2. Wonderful Counselor
  3. Go & Tell the Message
  4. Lord of Peace
  5. The Wisdom of God
  6. Emmanuel
  7. He’s Coming

I feel this testimonial will bless you, it’s a good account about how God can do amazing things in your life. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment, also share it with everyone you know, family, co-workers, friends, and pass it forward on your social media networks such as twitter, and facebook. 

You can contact Eddy at the link below, Please go by and say hello to him. 

Main place to connect with Eddy: 

All music is on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever digital music is streaming or purchasable

At the site you will find all his social media connections, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

Hosts: Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend

Show: Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Show