Hello everyone, Mary and I had a wonderful interview, with our guest Janet Blair. Janet tells us her life story in her area of music. She played piano from the first grade to high school and she has a love and passion for orchestral music. When she became a Junior in high School (I think) she decided to take up the oboe. She got a scholarship and has two degrees in oboe performance. Her path at first was to be a trained classical performer.

As time moves forward, Janet had a tragic event happens, in which she had a tough time figuring it all out BUT God gave her a way to process all she was feeling and that was the vehicle of song writing. Song writing became her way to cope with her emotions. Her first song was called “For Shania (I Will Wait)”. She loves playing in the studio and singing. In this hour interview we listened and got stories on 5 songs from her new CD called “Songs for the Waiting”.

The five songs are called “Eternity Growing”, “Jesusland”, “For Shania (I Will Wait)”, “Remember Hope” and “Creation Song”. Now I’m not a critic, but I love each of these songs for it’s own special style. “For Shania (I Will Wait)” and “Remember Hope” are beautifully written and heart felt in the performance. they even go together emotionally and spiritually. “Eternity Growing” and “Jesusland” are both just fun songs, with a message. “Creation Song” is a landscape of sound, mood and song composition, with beautiful and rhythmic percussion, wonderful melodies and elegant traveling piano parts.

I know this interview with Janet can bless you and many, so please take the time and have a listen.

If you wish to get a hold of Janet she has all the normal Social Media outlets BUT she would like you to come by her main webpage to start, so I’m only going to put down the link direct to her website. You can always get a hold of her direct at that website, and so here is the address:


We hope this interview blesses everyone, if you have the time please check it out and share with all your family, friends, and social media outlets.

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

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