I have to say, that Mary and I had a blessed and wonderful day and time interviewing the main cast that is about to put on the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. It was a beautiful experience for this show, because we took “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” on the road.

Meeting, talking and recording this wonderful cast singing their songs live in my computer. Talking about how committed they are to the production, what Joseph means to them, very wonderful moments of hearing how people feel about this show, how they connect to their characters, hearing their lives in what is a great passion and a wonderful musical, theatrical family, and calling in their life by God.

I want to thank so much the director Carrie , and all the cast for having Mary and I come by and meet them. We did 6 songs and 4 interviews. When I got home I worked real hard on the best presentation I could create for this interview. It was a wonderful challenge and I loved putting it all together.

This was a very special Worship Cafe episode and I know, I loved every moment learning about these people. I encourage everyone to please check it out, if you are in this area. It will bless you.

The show is playing at this address: Rochester Theater Complex, AT 350 Adams Street, Rochester, PA on he following dates 8/25 7 PM EST, 8/25 7PM EST, and 8/26 3 PM EST. Tickets can be reserved by calling (724) 910-3557.

Please share this article and link with everyone you know. Family, Friends, and all your Social Media. Help it get out there, and make this show a huge success for Carrie and her gang. They deserve it.

May you all have a safe, blessed and awesome day.

Ken Townshend


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