The Key word to this campaign working and creating God’s Vision is the word “VISIBILITY”.

Mary and I had a special eye opening and wonderful time with Moses. Moses lives in Uganda Africa.  I feel God gave him a real heart and vision to help care, protect and guide orphan children. The biggest reason for his empathy and compassion toward orphans and on the street children is God reminds constantly, if not everyday, he was one of those kids and God gave him a huge heart to assist and support those less fortunate.

Moses and his late-wife had this vision, it started with both of them, even to the point of them buying land together of the location. Moses’s vision is to create a facility that has many purposes. The first and main purpose is to have a home for these orphans, second is to have a hospital where they will be taken care of, and the third part is an education center, where the children can learn and be educated. God has put a huge and grand vision on his heart. Right now Moses takes care of 48 orphans and the need for his orphan support is getting bigger and bigger.

I have known Moses for a while now and I have talked to him on Skype even seen where he lives and all the children he cares for. I really feel Moses and his  children are a cause worth fighting for. In 2017 a Facebook friend of his named Andrea Love, started a Go Fund Me page just to do that for Moses.  As you can hear in the interview (my prayer and wish, is that you tune into the archive or the live broadcast, listen to him speak and articulate his own vision, plans and heart) the highest financial goal, in order to have all the facility finished is $20,000 that would make the hospital, housing and schooling area. Below is a link to the Go Fund Me campaign going on right now, they are at the time of this post up to $2020 and the goal for this beginning phase if $5000.

There is a lot more in the interview, but this is the main cause and point, everything in theme is on this vision of helping children on the street.

Lets look at it this way if everyone donated $1.00, it would take 20,000 people, to reach his goal.  Social media like Facebook and twitter, make this goal pretty achievable and possible. The most important thing, even if you can’t financially help this cause, share and post this forward, we don’t know who will really come forward that has the financial ability, but even if that person is out there, I would like to reiterate that as a team we can all make a difference for these kids. Like I said 20,000 at $1.00 at Go Fund Me campaign page would put him over his goal, so please help out this cause.

Moses has listened to God and has stepped out in faith even before the money is fully there and has started Phase 1 of building the foundation for this vision. We have social proof of pictures and videos of work being done, and the campaign is proof that other people believe in this vision please check out the page, and while you are there donate, anything toward the cause is loved and appreciated. As a team of believer’s in God’s vision of helping the less fortunate, we can get it done.

God Bless everyone and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

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