Mary and I had wonderful and amazing time with our guest Nickson Terer. It was great getting to hear all of Nickson’s stories and learning about his ministry. To hear how God called him and is using him, to plant many churches. His walk with God Literally. How he actually walks one step at a time to other churches and supporting and planting new churches.

I really love Nickson’s personality, how joyful, uplifting and positive he is in helping others out. He has a wonderful laugh He went over his favorite scriptures, some of his favorite foods, animal stories and my favorite thing, which are the amazing crusades he participates in.

I feel this testimonial will bless you, it’s a good account about how God can do amazing things in your life. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment, also share it with everyone you know, family, co-workers, friends, and pass it forward on your social media networks such as twitter, and facebook.

Main way to find Nickson, is through his Facebook page, listed below:

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

Hosts: Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend

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