Mary and I had an amazing and blessed time talking to Richard Chulu, about his walk with God/Jesus. How God has done amazing things in his life and those around him. He went over all the songs and what why he was inspired by the songs he chose to showcase, about his walk.

It was a wonderfully transparent interview and he showed how open and honest he could be. I think it is a beneficial listen for anyone. This interview with Chulu came through Skype from Africa.

I feel this testimonial will bless you, it’s a good account about how God can do amazing things in your life. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment, also share it with everyone you know, family, co-workers, friends, and pass it forward on your social media networks such as twitter, and facebook.

You can contact Chulu Richard on Facebook at the link below, Please go by and say hello to him.

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

Hosts: Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend

Show: Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Show