Our guest for this show was Teresa and Joseph Fields. Mary and I had a wonderful interview with them. This is our sixth episode that was the second part of this two part special for this week.

Teresa talked about the beginning of her Journey with Jesus and God. Her beginnings with poetry and how God transformed her love of writing poetry to lyrics. She discussed her favorite scriptures, and the meaning behind them to her. Her son is the instrumentalist and arranger of the songs (and team) and helps to create the music , for Teresa’s words (Joseph was there during the interview). Her husband Jeff who was unable to be there is there sound engineer on the recordings and handles business of the family. Teresa also has two daughters that help out with her (One has moved to her own ministry)

This is a family ministry that I feel is truly blessed, the music is wonderful and during the hour they talked about the stories behind these songs. We played four songs during the interview, and they are in rotation to be heard at Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio. Below are the name of the songs.

1) Streams of Mercy
2) Body of Christ
3) Harvest Time
4) Isn’t This Incredible closes out the show

Teresa and family also like to guide, encourage and help songwriters, worship teams of all levels. She loves to encourage and inspire people to there true calling

We encourage you to please listen to this interview, it’s an inspiring story of a Christian family, who stick together and help each other with their wonderful gifts that God bestowed upon them.

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Facebook Page:


YouTube Channel


I hope everyone has a blessed, safe, beautiful day

Take Care,

Ken T