Mary and I had a super fun and wonderful time interviewing Tray Michaels. Tray Michaels we love his heart and his musical expression to God. He has been super blessed with a humble heart and a wonderful talent of writing songs that touch people’s heart.

Tray Michaels grew up in a Christian home with lots of pastor’s in his family. In high school he decided he would go on a mission trip to Mexico. He went for his own reasons BUT that is when his walk with Jesus Christ began. Tray was into Rap music and says the bathroom is where he liked to sing and write songs. He started a group called “Off Beat Society”.

They had an opportunity to travel and perform. Soon after that he began to start playing acoustic guitar. During this time he enjoyed listening to alternative music. He is now a worship leader at a church in Portland that he and a friend started. In this hour, you will hear tracks from his album. Tray is a music missionary or a musicary.

We went through all the backstories on how he was inspired to write all his songs, which are the following:

1. Come On Jesus
2. Wreckless Abandon
3. Church Cry Out
4. Love Like a Hurricane
5. Won’t You Come

It has been a blessing to know Tray and listen to his music. He has an amazing beautiful heart, loves helping to uphold people and writes heart felt rock for God. I listen to him lots on my iPhone.

I would sincerely say you should catch this interview. It’s an interview of inspiration, great testimony and callings. Learning about Trays calling and his process for his songs. I feel this will bless you and your family, friends and social network.

Please pass it forward to everyone you know. If you have time to check this episode of the “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show” please take the time investment.

You can contact Tray at the links below which is,


God Bless everyone and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend

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