Mary and I have had a very productive and busy week this week for “Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show”. We did a total of three episodes in a week, doing our first location interview. Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show is now in it’s 5th week in as a independent radio station.

Mary and I had a wonderful time Interviewing our guest Bridgette Hammers. We got to hearing her stories about four of her songs and the causes she believes in. Bridgette was on a trip in Nashville (Meeting and preparing new songs, with her co-writers), when this interview was conducted and she was taking in the scenes of all the beautiful waterfalls of Nashville.

Bridgette admits she is a direct worship leader, and a fired up Worship Leader. She is not laid back about what she believes in but she is passionate in her causes and how she leads worship. One of her major causes is trafficking and one of her songs proceeds went to donating to that cause, and below is a link to that cause:

Bridgette is also a songwriter and has an EP out. In the hour we interviewed we played four of her songs: 1) Voices Rise, 2) We Arise, 3) No Longer Slaves, and 4) Breaking Free. All four songs had stories which she reveals as the interview goes. “Voices Arise” is the one that helps her cause. Her music is powerful and dynamic. Full of passion for God and the work he does in our lives. I hope you will check out these songs.

If you wish to get a hold of Bridgette she has all the normal Social Media outlets BUT she would like you to start through her webpage, so I’m only going to put down the link direct to her website. You can always get a hold of her direct at that website, and so here is the address:


We hope this interview blesses everyone, if you have the time please check it out and share with all your family, friends, and social media outlets.

God Bless You and have a beautiful day

Ken Townshend


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