Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth episode of “Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Show” (our new show on our new streaming radio network “Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Network”). I want to say that, the new show is going great and I feel so happy and privileged to oversee the station for God.

Before I talk about this weeks guest there is a correction, I need to make. Journey Radio (Journey-Radio.com) head of that streaming radio station is Jack Kelley and in the show I called him John Kelley, just to clear that up (and I’m sorry Jack for the error). This week guest was Bruce Cochran.

Bruce Cochran is both a Chorale Director and Engineer (and is also a Ph.D in his occupation). However God definitely anointed and blessed with Bruce with an amazing talent (gift) and passion for music. It shows in directing his Chorale group.

The Chorale at its highest membership (during Winter months) is around 90 people. A lot of people to direct, all 90 people with one voice to give Glory to God. Bruce tells us about his life, history and also stories both personal and about the hymn’s. The stories and music are enchanting, beautiful and breathtaking.

This was an amazing almost a full hour with 5 songs playing in between each story. I truly hope it blesses everyone with an hour of gorgeous music and the stories behind them from Bruce. I want to thank Bruce for being a wonderful and fun guest, from knowledge to his interpretations of these touching hymns. They have a CD coming out in the beginning of September. Their work can be found on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services. We are pleased to have the “East Valley Chorale” in our radio rotation, for your listening pleasure.

East Valley Chorale Web Page: http://www.eastvalleychorale.org

Facebook Music Page: https://www.facebook.com/EastValleyChoraleAZ/

I hope everyone has a safe, beautiful, and blessed day

Take Care,

Ken T