This is our second episode as an independent radio station. This was done live in the studio. And it was a very nice blessed hour interview with Maddie Ridgeway.

Maddie has a lot of passion and belief in what she does. Her organization is called “Urban Impact” and it was a wonderful hour and blessing to hear what she believes God put on her heart to follow and help/assist her community, in North Pittsburgh.

Please listen and share with everyone (this can’t be stressed enough, to please share. We never know who will be touched to help). It was an inspiring hour to hear about her life, her love for dancing, her love for Jesus and to help these kids and to be there for her community. Right now she needs help to raise her salary as an urban missionary. This is a wonderful vision.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, May God chase you down with favor in your life.

Personal Webpage:
You want to click “Join Us” go down to “Donate”

When that page comes up then select “Give to an Urban Missionary”
You will see “Urban Missionary” Pull down menu and select the name “Maddie Ridgeway”

801 Union Ave,
4th flr
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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