Hello everyone and welcome to our first special two show week. This is the first night of our two show week. Welcome to show number 5 and I want to thank everyone that tunes into us. We appreciate your support of this new station.

This first of the two shows is Rebecca L Matthews, tomorrow night our guest will be Teresa and Joseph Fields (Followed by the Racman’s Worship Show). She has been a long time member of the Worship Cafe Facebook Group, almost from the very beginning.

She is also a author of Children’s books and fictional Christian Novels. A wonderful Guest with a wonderful story on her experiences as a Christian, many thoughts and ideas of what it means to be a Christian, with a main message that we have to make Jesus our center. This came to Rebecca from a sign, some symbolic meaning, and well you have to hear the show to hear how it happened, I can’t spoil it 🙂

Rebecca also talks about her three Christian Children’s book and her three fictional books, and how she wrote them and the lessons behind the stories. It was an amazing hour of fellowship.

Following books were discussed:

The Light Within
Marie’s Watch
The Truth Shall Set You Free

Little Birch Finds Peace
Raindrops and Snowflakes
Sol and the Boy

We also had a special guest and prayer from Rick Chenowith, We thanked him on the show for all he has done in helping the website “Worship Cafe Inspirations”.

This was an amazing almost a full hour, I hope you all listen and share with your family, friends, and your social networks.

Rebecca’s store page (two of them)


Rebecca’s Twitter


Rebecca’s Instagram


I hope everyone has a blessed, safe, beautiful day

Take Care,

Ken T

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