This is our first show as an independent radio station. This marks a milestone event for us and we had a wonderful time and guest to bring in our new station, his name is Christopher Olson.

Christopher has been a worship leader for a long long time and he taught us a lot about his life and how Jesus has touched his heart and ministry. Christopher talked about how he started out as a worship leader, what his favorite songs were, favorite scriptures and how he wrote and was inspired over two of his songs. About how his wife Beth and him met. About his children and their names and how one of his sons is already taking steps into following his dad.

It was an amazing hour for Mary and I, also we want to thank all the people who stood by us in our Facebook Group called the “Worship Cafe” and cheered us on as we moved toward an independent life in the radio world. I hope this hour blesses you, like it did Mary and I.

here is information about our guest Christopher Olson:

Facebook Page:
Personal Webpage:

Have a beautiful and blessed day, May God chase you down with favor in your life.

Hosts: Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend

Show: Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Show
Radio Network: WCIR – Worship Cafe Inspirations Radio Network