Greta Gansie-Goff was a guest on the show today! It was a great hour hearing about her walk with Christ. She talked about her how her parents were very supportive of Greta and her sister. Her father died when she was 14 years old. She was raised Catholic. Her mother got depressed so she started working to help support her mom financially. She was searching and asked God for some guidance. She decided to visit different churches. Greta, got married and had a daughter. Then got divorced. At some point, she took in some foster children. She wanted to just show them that Jesus loves them and give them back to their parents when they were ready. One of the children named Anthony, was born from a mother on drugs. The mother miscarried him at 22 weeks. By God’s grace he was 14 oz at birth. God saved him. God had plans for him. You will have to tune into the rest of the show to hear the rest of his story. Greta, is an amazing woman who loves the Lord. God is using her in so many ways in life. This is an episode that you do not want to hear.

Music tonight was performed by Jeannie Allen, Mary’s mom. Piano piece was “How Great Thou Art” People can purchase the CD by calling (724) 910-5132, that is Jeannie Allen Productions. CD will be in the Worship Cafe Inspirations online store soon, to buy whenever you want.

Guest: Greta Gansle-Goff
Musical Guest: Jeannie Allen

Hosts: Mary Phillips and Ken Townshend

Mary and Ken are musical artists who decided to host a radio show so other Christians can be lifted up in Christ.


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