Worship Cafe Radio Show kicked off their show giving out SHOUT OUTS to those that are in the cafe that are supporting them. Then you got to hear Mary sing the song “Great is Thy Faithfulness” live on air. Then the began the interview with Pastor Paul Strano from New Life Assembly of God in Conway, Pennsylvania. He talked about how he became a christian. he mentioned that he hates religion. How religion can kill you if you think that tithing, showing up at church and doing your duty each week and at the same time living your life the way you want to without having a true relationship Christ is being religious. He explains what being a christian is all about having a relationship with Christ. In fact, he talked about how there was a period of his life when he decided to change from being a religious person to have a relationship with Christ. he does mention that you can never argue anyone to heaven. This was a great hour! Pastor Paul was very entertaining and at the same time spoke from his heart. Enjoy!

Guest: Pastor Paul Strano

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